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  • If you need to use a forklift, but not for everyday use, you may want to rent one instead of buying. This article explains why renting a forklift is a good idea.


    You know the importance of a forklift as part of your job. It's the workhorse that’s doing the heavy lifting in your warehouse or job site. 


  • Tire maintenance is essential for forklifts to function properly. We explain the reasons why along with expert tire maintenance tips in this guide.


    Tires absorb a great deal of damage as the forklift lifts heavy items, especially if the forklift operates on damaged floors. Forklift tire maintenance often goes unnoticed, which can lead to accidents and damaged property.

  • There are many benefits of an electric forklift that are identical to other vehicles, such as being quiet and producing zero emissions while it's in operations. But some advantages are unique to forklifts you might not have considered.