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  • What if you need replacement forklift parts for a forklift but don't want to pay a lot, or it's the only option? Find out how to buy quality aftermarket forklift parts.


    With growth rates over the next five years expected to be over 6%, there will be more forklifts in use world-wide than ever before. The more forklifts there are, the more that will need repairs and replacement forklift parts.


    But where are you going to source those replacement parts? What are your options? 

  • Operating a forklift requires OSHA forklift training and certification. But where and when are forklift training classes offered? Find out here!


    In 2019, forklifts were related to 79 deaths and 8,140 injuries involving days away from work. These types of injuries and deaths are tragic and avoidable.


    So, what should you look for when researching forklift certification training? Read on to find out.

  • There are numerous benefits of being forklift certified, but how can you do it? This guide explains how to receive your forklift certification.


    You can find everything that you need to get started in the sections below. Today is the perfect time to understand the forklift certification process, make notes, and find forklift certification classes in Greer SC that will get you from novice to certified in no time.