Carolina Industrial Trucks - Forklift Sales, Rental, Parts, Service, Training
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Carolina Industrial Trucks

CIT is in business to be the best material-handling dealership throughout North and South Carolina for the products we represent. Being the best means selling only the highest quality products and providing only the best possible service. Through our efforts we will produce our most important result – long-term, loyal customers. Our profits and our success as a company will be determined by how well we service our customers’ needs.

New and Used Forklift Sales

Carolina Industrial Trucks, Inc. is one of the companies of choice when it comes to forklifts. We offer a broad range of services that helps us stand out in the Carolinas and beyond. Whether you are looking for new or used forklift sales, rentals, parts, repair, or training, we are the company for you. With so much to offer, it is easy to see why big and small businesses call upon CIT for all of their forklift needs.

CIT is among the best in the industry when it comes to forklift sales. We only carry the best new and used forklifts so you know you are purchasing or renting top of the line equipment when you shop with us. Visit us to see full lines of Hyundai, UniCarriers, and Komatsu forklifts. Each line includes forklifts that are great for both big and small jobs. Be sure to tell our sales team what you need out of your forklift so they can help you find the perfect piece of equipment. Whether you want something ergonomic to cut down on injuries or something fuel efficient to lower your fuel prices, we have the lift truck you need.

Forklift Rentals

If you need the services of a forklift but do not want to own one, our forklift rentals are perfect for you. You can rent a gasoline, propane, diesel, or electric powered forklift by the day, week, month, or longer. Just give our sales team specific information about your job and we will help you receive the perfect forklift for your needs. Then, return it when you are done and we will be here the next time you need a forklift rental. It really is that simple.

Along with our forklifts, we have all of the forklift rental equipment you could possibly need. Many forklift attachments are not easy to find, which is why CIT is the place to go for forklift rentals. We have the equipment that sometimes seems impossible to locate, making us a one stop shop. You can stop by CIT and then go straight to the job site. This will allow you and your business to complete the job on time, every time.

Forklift Parts

Your forklift is a big part of your business, so if it goes down, you need to have a replacement part quickly. While most companies do not keep many parts on hand, CIT has a large inventory of OEM and aftermarket parts in stock at each of our six locations. That means you will not have to wait when you go with CIT. When you do not have to spend dead time waiting for a new part, you will not have to lose money on the job. That is important for businesses of all sizes. You can bring your forklift to us for a repair, or we can put the parts on a service truck and come to you. We can also ship the parts to you with same day shipping so you will receive them quickly.

All of these options mean that parts are at your disposal any time you need them. You will not find that type of service with all forklift parts companies. If you need your parts quickly, it just makes sense to go with CIT.

Forklift Service/Repair

While some of our customers purchase our forklift parts and repair the equipment themselves, most of them use our forklift repair service. That is because we have one of the top maintenance departments in the Carolinas. When you use our repair service, you can come to us or we can go to you. Either way, you will benefit from our experienced technicians and superior parts and equipment. That makes us the obvious choice when looking for forklift repair services.

You can purchase services as needed or you can opt for one of our convenient service plans. Our service plans make service affordable for companies and ensure that the forklifts will stay running for years to come. Our plans include everything from preventative maintenance to fleet management. We even have a breakdown service available so you never have to worry about a breakdown keeping you from finishing a job.

If you want the best for your forklift, check out our plans today. They will prolong the life of your forklift and help your company keep money in the bank. That is great news for businesses of all sizes so be sure to add a plan when you purchase a new or used forklift from CIT.

Operator Training

At CIT, we do not just sell and service forklifts. We want to make sure you are operating them correctly as well, which is why we offer operator training at our corporate office. We provide classroom and hands-on training to ensure that operators know everything they need to know about effectively and safely handling a forklift. When operators are properly trained, they can work more efficiently, so these classes will help your company's bottom line.

We also have classes to educate your forklift trainer to ensure that they are up to date on all safety regulations and O.S.H.A. standards. These classes will also help your trainer learn how to relay information to his or her trainees. This is critical if you want to have fully trained forklift operators.

If you want the best for you company, sign up for our operator training class. You will notice the difference in your forklift operators immediately. They will become more efficient and confident, which will help you finish jobs the right way the first time. That is a great way to save money and improve customer satisfaction. It also improves employee satisfaction, since they know exactly what to do in each situation.

It is simple to see why so many companies go with Carolina Industrial Trucks. It does not matter if your business is big or small. We have the equipment and services you need to complete the job, day in and day out. Your forklift is your livelihood, and when you stick with CIT, that livelihood will keep running for years to come. That means you can keep making money with your business, and Carolina Industrial Truck is here to make sure that you do.