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  • A forklift for your business is no minor investment. With forklifts ranging from $15,000 - $25,000, replacing a forklift or adding another to your fleet is a hefty purchase.


    It may seem impossible to get a forklift without accepting a hit to your company’s wallet.


    Luckily there are ways to keep forklift costs within your budget and save yourself some money. If you don’t have much to spend, don’t despair. We’re about to talk you through your options. 

  • There are many options to consider when buying a forklift. This guide explains the difference between a 3-wheel forklift and a 4-wheel forklift.


    Did you know that nonfatal workplace injuries amount to nearly $60 billion in direct U.S. worker's compensation each year? Employee safety is a top priority, so it's important to provide them with adequate equipment to safely complete their tasks.

  • There's no doubt about it; forklifts serve a vital purpose at the workplace. However, knowing the right time to let go of this critical machinery has always been a challenge. On average, a forklift's useful lifetime is between 10,000-20,000 hours.

    Beyond this point, an older forklift may become more of a liability to your business. Given the weight of this machinery and the load, operating an old forklift can pose a grave danger.