How Often Do You Need Professional Forklift Maintenance in Mooresville, NC?

Forklifts are the ultimate, 'can't do without it' piece of equipment for many industries. The forklift is the backbone of many pivotal operations - from construction and shipping to warehousing and general manufacturing. 

Forklift repairs are diverse. Some are small-scale, and others are demanding jobs requiring professional help. This is what makes forklift maintenance in Mooresville so important.

Regularly maintained forklifts last longer, preventing the need for those eye-wateringly expensive repairs. But the question is: how often do you really need professional forklift maintenance? 

The answer depends on several factors.

What is the Manufacturer Recommends Forklift Service Intervals?

Forklifts have a complex hydraulic lifting system, which needs regular servicing to ensure its smooth operation.

But, because forklifts are made by multiple manufacturers and comprise of many parts, each manufacturer may recommend different service intervals.

So, each manufacturer should lay out specific guidelines detailing how often your particular model needs servicing. If you're unsure how often your forklift needs servicing, contact your manufacturer or speak to one of our professional forklift maintenance specialists in Mooresville.

How Many Hours Worked

If you use your forklift frequently, it's probably more susceptible to wear and tear. Think of it like a car: the more miles you drive, the more frequently your tires or oil will need changing.

Things like this are more 'common sense' factors - so be sensible. If you use your forklift all the time, have it serviced on a regular basis. 

The Forklift's Age and Condition 

Is your forklift a newer model? If so, its parts are probably more advanced, has experienced less wear and tear, and therefore will likely not require being serviced as often.

On the other hand, if your forklift has been in operation for a while, its systems may not be as durable as newer models. This means it'll probably need a little more TLC from a professional forklift services technician in Mooresville. 

The Application Where the Forklift is Being Used

What job is your forklift doing? What sort of weight is it lifting, and how frequently? What kind of environment are you using your forklift in?

The answer to these questions also determines how often you'll need to send your forklift off for maintenance. 

For example, suppose your forklift is performing more demanding work regularly. In that case, there's a much higher chance that its hydraulic systems will require a more regular service from a Mooresville forklift mechanic.

Other components may also wear down quicker depending on the forklift's work and storage conditions. Take all these factors into account and if in doubt, send your forklift off for maintenance.

How Do Manufacturers Determine Forklift Maintenance Intervals? 

Each manufacturer may recommend a different timescale for maintenance and servicing. But how do they determine this?

Well, this often differs for each manufacturer. Most will recommend servicing based on the number of hours your forklift is being used.

Sometimes, this is done by measuring usage intervals using key hours. Then, the time of operation can be calculated according to days or months. 

What Type of Service Do Professional Forklift Maintenance Contracts Offer? 

When you take your forklift off for maintenance, a trained professional will usually perform the following tasks for full service: 

- Install a new fuel filter

- Change the oil

- Install a new oil filter

- Install new air filters

- Assess the quality of the lift, the distributor point, drive belt, cap and rotor, and spark plugs

- Adjust the ignition timing and engine idle speed

- Grease the chassis and mast components

If it's only your forklift's hydraulic system that needs to be serviced, a technician will: 

- Clean the radiator

- Replace the fuel filter

- Replace the hydraulic filter

- Adjust key components like tilt cylinder pins, chassis links, clutch release bearings, and mast support bushing

- Replace the hydraulic oil

- Inspect all the system's critical components, from PCV valves, hoses, and hand brakes to hydraulic oil pumps, carriage rollers, and more.

This sort of preventative maintenance, guided by usage hours, can keep your equipment running optimally and prevent the need for more expensive repairs later down the line.

More importantly, though, it'll reduce the impact that downtime can have on your business, so you can keep things ticking over and doing what you do best. 

How Do I Know If I Need a Full Service or a Hydraulic Service? 

Typically, your manufacturer will outline a recommended number of usage hours to determine the type of service you need.

For example, some manufacturers may advise you to complete a full service after 200 hours of use and a hydraulic service after 600 hours. However, be advised that these timescales vary, so contact your manufacturer for more info. 

There is also the 'common sense' factor involved here. For example, suppose your forklift is regularly performing demanding, heavy-lifting work in a challenging environment.

In that case, you should have your hydraulic system serviced and maintained on a more frequent basis.

Again, a professional Mooresville forklift service technician will advise you on the appropriate service for your needs to provide general information like your forklift's condition, age, work environment, and purpose. 

Remember: you can never be too safe. It's better to have your forklift receive regular maintenance than to delay the inspection and rack up some hefty forklift repair bills. 

Mooresville Forklift Maintenance, Service, and Repairs

As we've seen, maintaining your forklift regularly can increase its longevity. Needless to say, this goes a long way to ensuring the smooth running of your business!

Contact Carolina Industrial Trucks if you want more info on forklift maintenance, servicing, and repairs, including fleet management and breakdown services. We'll happily help you navigate forklift maintenance services - speak soon!