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  • Are you considering purchasing an electric forklift? Don't let these 10 myths hold you back! Here's everything you need to know about an electric forklift.


    The electric forklift is the unsung hero of the modern warehousing industry. It helps people handle all kinds of material that would be impossible to carry otherwise.


    From Amazon's fulfillment centers to busy ports, forklifts can be seen in basically any type of business. They give businesses the extra muscle to lift themselves to success.


    Could you use a hand moving around heavy pallets and other materials? Maybe you've thought of getting a forklift but are still on the fences. Read on to learn the truth about the biggest misunderstandings regarding electric forklifts.

  • For many professionals, forklift issues are detrimental to the smooth running of their business. But, unfortunately, as with any piece of machinery, problems are inevitable.


    However, there are specific issues you can investigate and detect yourself. Some even have simple solutions.


    Of course, there's also the option of contacting a forklift repair company. Many companies have them on-site; others work under a maintenance service contract, or you might have to hire the services of a third-party company. 


    But, in this article, we're going to present several forklift troubleshooting tips. Hopefully, these will help you to identify the problems your machine is suffering from, as well as an appropriate solution.

  • Managing the scales between profit and expenses is a headache for any business owner. Throw some heavy machinery into the mix, and you might end up losing the balance. No one wants to see the plates to come crashing down!


    That's one of the reasons why many businesses tend to ease the load by investing in used forklifts. It can do the work for a fraction of a cost.


    But is it always that simple? We have prepared this forklift buyers guide to help you navigate the highs and lows of the forklift market.