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  • Can the concrete floors of your work environment negatively affect your forklift operations in Greensboro? Yes! Here's what to know about flooring problems.


    Breaks, cracks, and uneven patches on your warehouse floor can cause damage to your forklift tires. With a 6,000-pound forklift applying over 10,000 pounds of pressure to the tires, the condition of the warehouse floor is vital.

  • From wear and tear to pricing and features, use this article to find the best used forklifts for sale in Greensboro, North Carolina.


    A new electric forklift can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $45,000 depending on the type. For many businesses, this expenditure is far too high. If your business is in the same boat, then a quality used forklift can be the right option.

  • Forklifts are an incredible tool when used right, but in tight spaces and with poor safety rules, they can be lethal. Both pedestrians and operators in your Lancaster warehouse have a responsibility to stay safe, but if you're not used to working with a forklift you might not know the hazards or rules you should follow.