Signs Your Huntersville Business Needs Forklift Training Classes

5 Signs Your Huntersville NC Business Can Benefit from Forklift Training Classes

Forklift training classes are good for OHSA certification as well as maintaining employee safety. Do you need training courses?

When you own a business that works with heavy machinery, you know how important training is for everyone on the floor. Training can lead to better outcomes for both businesses and the people they employ, so more training is always a win-win.

Businesses may know that forklift training classes are important, but how do you know when it's time for company-wide training? You know HR does their due diligence in hiring people with forklift certification. If it seems like things are running smoothly, do you really want to interrupt the workday or a weekend for something everyone knows?

Forklift training is always important, but there are some signs that show it's time to get everyone back into training. If you notice any of these issues, it's officially time to consider forklift training classes for your company in Huntersville. 

Safety Equipment Isn't Being Used 

Your employee only had to move some light loads a few feet away, so they didn't think it made sense to buckle their seat belt. Another employee left their helmet in their work locker, but since they're already doing work, they don't think there's a need to go back.

Neglecting safety equipment is a big red flag for any business that uses forklifts in their day-to-day operation. Aside from this being a danger to employees, it's also a problem for businesses as well. If an inspector decided to show up and noticed that an employee was operating a lift without the proper equipment, that could be an automatic OSHA violation

Remember, forklift compliance is important for both legal and safety reasons. If you want your employees to keep that top of mind, sign them up for forklift safety courses. 

People Are Ignoring the Rules 

Your supervisor mentioned that he noticed a senior employee putting too much weight on a smaller lift. On top of that, they were moving a little too fast on the crowded loading floor. When they mentioned this to the employee, they simply shrugged and said they knew what they were doing. 

It isn't uncommon for seasoned employees to start to skirt the rules once they get comfortable at work, and with the machinery they use every day, all day. They've been using forklifts for years or even decades, so they start to think that they know what's best, even if it could be dangerous. 

A forklift training session can help enforce the rules without having to lecture employees. The right lesson can help remind people why certain rules are followed in the first place. Even the most decorated and experienced employees in your Huntersville company can use a refresher every now and then, especially when people's lives can be at stake.

You Have Long Term Employees

Your hiring managers do a great job of making sure that everyone they bring on has the proper certifications. Employees are covered once they first start, but what happens after they have a few years under their belts?

You may need a driver's license to operate a forklift, but forklift certifications don't last forever like a license. Forklift licenses expire every three years, and in order to get re-certified, you may need to take certain courses. 

It's also important to note that certain things may disqualify someone from being able to legally operate a forklift. An employee with an expired driver's license or a DUI shouldn't be using any forklifts at work.

Make things easier for your business and employees by offering forklift training classes in your Huntersville business. Some places even choose to offer them annually to make it more difficult for some employees to slip through the cracks. 

You Have Compliance Concerns 

Having a workplace that's accident-free and running efficiently is always a plus. However, that doesn't mean that you're doing everything by the book.

Compliance is important from a safety and legal standpoint. A Huntersville business that finds itself facing compliance problems could have to deal with tons of legal paperwork, fines, and other things that can drastically affect your bottom line. 

As you can see, there are a lot of ways for companies to accidentally become non-compliant. Lapsed licenses, a hiring mistake, or a hidden DUI could cause trouble if they aren't dealt with swiftly. 

This is why it helps to set up a regular cadence for certification at your workplace. Sometimes just having a regular time of year to focus on certifications can be enough to ensure that everyone is compliant with the latest standards. 

You Want to Grow and Succeed 

When companies focus on compliance and training, it tends to have a positive ripple effect that can touch everything. 

Your employees may have been using forklifts for years, but you never know what a new training course can teach them. They may learn new and effective techniques that help improve their job skills. 

Companies that invest in compliance tend to have better-trained workers. This can lead to a more efficient workplace and happier employees. Simply showing that you care enough to keep people certified can let your employees know that you care about their safety and their career. 

Businesses that stay compliant don't have to worry about dealing with fines or legal trouble. This can lead to a better reputation in your industry that both clients and job applicants can notice. 

Ready for Forklift Training Classes in Huntersville?

When you think about it, forklift training classes can only benefit your Huntersville business. It helps keep employees safe, ensures that everyone is up to date on the latest standards and practices, protects companies, and can lead to growing success. 

It's important to pick the right forklift training company to teach your employees the right way to handle heavy machinery. A company with experience, expertise, and a passion for helping others succeed is always important. Luckily, we know where you can find one. 

Whether you have questions about our services or want to schedule a forklift training course ASAP, we're ready to help. Reach out to us so we can talk about your training needs.