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  • There are always risks in managing heavy machinery, a forklift tip-over is one such danger, but with the proper measures it can be avoided


    The last thing you want at your workplace is an employee severely injuring themselves in a machinery accident. When that accident involves a forklift, you could also be risking the goods you're responsible for. 

  • A damaged forklift can pose a considerable safety risk. While also increasing the amount of repair work required as the broken part creates more damage.

    A forklift truck is a dangerous piece of industrial machinery. Every year, up to 100 people are killed in forklift-related accidents. An additional 20,000 have accidents where they are seriously injured. 

  • A warehouse accident can prove catastrophic to your business, not just in terms of human costs but also financially. Compensating a worker involved in a forklift accident can set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars or much more. Some of these incidents attract heavy penalties too, with OSHA charging up to $70,000 per safety violation that’s committed willfully.