The latest news for the Material Handling Industry

  • Are you planning to rent a forklift to use it in your business? Read our guide to learn about how to go about renting one.


    You already know the important role the forklift has on your Kernersville job site or warehouse. It's the hard worker that keeps things moving and more than does its share of heavy lifting.


    Sometimes though, you don't need a forklift full time. Or maybe you have so much work you need to bring in a little reinforcement for your material handling needs. Or maybe you have a machine down and need to bring in a temporary backup. 


    Whatever the reason to rent a forklift in Kernersville, you want to make sure you have the machine you need so it can do what you need it to do. 

  • Are you a forklift operator? Is safety at your job a priority? Read on to learn several top tips that should help you do your job safely.


    You know the importance of a forklift on your Anderson SC job site and warehouse. It's not only responsible for the heavy lifting but also helps keep things moving more quickly and efficiently. 

  • Nearly 100,000 workers suffer injuries each year while operating forklifts.


    While many result from user carelessness, a significant number could be avoided with proper care and maintenance of the equipment. Taking the time to do forklift inspections in your Monroe warehouse before starting a shift gets employees into a safety mindset and ensures the truck is in good working order.