The latest news for the Material Handling Industry

  • Managing the scales between profit and expenses is a headache for any business owner. Throw some heavy machinery into the mix, and you might end up losing the balance. No one wants to see the plates to come crashing down!


    That's one of the reasons why many businesses tend to ease the load by investing in used forklifts. It can do the work for a fraction of a cost.


    But is it always that simple? We have prepared this forklift buyers guide to help you navigate the highs and lows of the forklift market. 

  • Where you sit matters for work. In the field of construction and warehouse work, back problems are common among those doing heavy labor. But what about the guys behind the machines? 


    A damaged or worn out seat on your forklift can cause significant back pain and subsequent absenteeism. In fact, workers with back pain are absent an average of 4 days more each year, more than those without back pain. 

  • Many times, when people think of forklifts, they think of large, mobile machines moving pallets around inside of a warehouse. Although this image is often accurate, rough terrain forklifts are equally important and perhaps, even more useful.


    So how exactly do rough terrain forklifts differ from indoor ones? Continue reading and we'll walk you through what defines a rough terrain forklift. We'll also go over important safety information as well.