Top Forklift Rental Tips in Kernersville, NC

Are you planning to rent a forklift to use it in your business? Read our guide to learn about how to go about renting one.

You already know the important role the forklift has on your Kernersville job site or warehouse. It's the hard worker that keeps things moving and more than does its share of heavy lifting.

Sometimes though, you don't need a forklift full time. Or maybe you have so much work you need to bring in a little reinforcement for your material handling needs. Or maybe you have a machine down and need to bring in a temporary backup. 

Whatever the reason to rent a forklift in Kernersville, you want to make sure you have the machine you need so it can do what you need it to do. 

Types of Kernersville Rental Forklifts

 If you know about forklifts, you already know there are more types of forklifts than most people realize. It will help you to get the right machine if you have some ideas about what type of machine you want. 

You could start with how you want the forklift powered. Do you plan to use it at an outdoor job site? You probably want diesel or a gas-powered rental forklift then. If you're using it in a warehouse, you might want propane or electric. 

The type of machine will also help to know what type of tires you want on the forklift and how much lifting capacity you need? Again, using it outside to carry heavy construction loads will get you one type of machine, whereas using it inside in a tight warehouse setting would get you a completely different machine. 

How Much Weight Do You Need to Lift?

When renting a forklift in Kernersville, one of the first questions you'll be asked by the rental company is how much weight you need to lift. It's very important you don't just randomly guess the weight, but instead have a pretty good estimate. 

For safety reasons, you don't want a forklift attempting to lift more weight than it's classified for. Once you know the weight, you might also consider how big the load is that needs to be moved.  

How High Up Do You Need to Lift the Load?

Once you know the weight that needs to be lifted, the next question will be how high up you need to lift the load. This will impact the type of machine and its size. 

The mast height and size will need to be considered for how high the load needs to go.

Where Will You Use the Forklift?

Next, you want to consider where you will use the machine. This was already touched on in the type of machine, but it matters where you'll use it because you want to get the right power source and tires for its use. 

If you're using your machine in an indoor setting, you probably don't want it powered with gas or diesel because of the fumes from the exhaust. You would be more likely looking for a machine using a battery or propane. 

Where you use it will also depend on whether you want cushion or pneumatic tires. 

How Long Do You Need the Machine?

The Kernersville forklift rental company will want to know how long you hope to use the machine. Most rentals are by the week or the month. Sometimes, there's also a daily rate available. 

Usually, the longer you have the rental, the better the rate will be.  

Does Your Rental Forklift Operator Need Training?

It's important for both safety and insurance purposes that your forklift operator be properly trained before using the machine. Your forklift rental company can also arrange for operator training courses for any of your employees who will use the machine. 

While they might be familiar with a forklift or have used other heavy equipment, you want to make sure they understand how to operate a forklift. Carrying heavy loads can be dangerous work. It can be even more dangerous if the load isn't carried properly.

You also want to make sure the training follows OSHA standards for safety.

Are You Insured for Machine Use?

The forklift provider should have insurance on the actual machine. But most rental companies offer insurance in case the machine is damaged during use. This protects you as the user. 

You also want to make sure you have the appropriate insurance for your employees and the facility in case of injury while on the job.  

Where Do You Want the Forklift Delivered?

Most forklifts are heavy enough they require special delivery. Your rental company will want to know where you want the rental forklift dropped off. You'll want to know the transportation costs for the forklift rental too. 

Other questions to ask your rental company include:

  • What maintenance is included in the rental?
  • What do I do if the machine breaks down?
  • Is there a surcharge for fuel?

You might also cover what you should do if you anticipate needing the machine for longer than is written in the rental agreement. Will the machine remain available?

Inspecting the Forklift Before Use

When the machine arrives on sight, it's always a good idea to do an inspection of the machine. 

You can do a visual inspection to look over the forks, mast, and safety features to make sure they look like they are ready. You can also do an operational inspection. Turn the forklift on, check the gauges and make sure it seems ready to do your heavy lifting. 

Be assured as a quality rental company should be bringing you a machine that's already been inspected and is ready to run. This on-site inspection is smart quality control to make sure nothing was missed. 

Rent a Forklift for Your Kernersville Jobsite

Use these forklift rental tips to help guide you when arranging a rental for your needs. The Kernersville forklift rental company should already be asking these questions to make sure you get just the right equipment. 

If you want to rent a forklift or need help with finding the right machine for your needs, contact us today for more information.