How to Get a Forklift Certification in Greer SC

There are numerous benefits of being forklift certified, but how can you do it? This guide explains how to receive your forklift certification.

You know that you need to earn a certification to operate a lift truck for a new job, but which one? How does the forklift certification process work, and what should you expect from classes? Is it worth your time and money to earn the appropriate credentials?

Knowing how to get a forklift certification can change your life for the better and open up a new world of career possibilities. 

But how do you get from here to there? 

You can find everything that you need to get started in the sections below. Today is the perfect time to understand the forklift certification process, make notes, and find forklift certification classes in Greer SC that will get you from novice to certified in no time.

Which Forklift?

The first step in the process is to assess your own needs. OSHA offers certification courses for a wide selection of machines, and you don't want to find yourself in the wrong one. Going through the pain of re-enrollment isn't just a waste of time and money; it's also an embarrassment you don't have to go through.

You're most likely to be searching for Forklift training for these common types of forklifts:

  • Industrial
  • Pallet jack
  • Warehouse
  • Telehandler
  • Order picker
  • Side loaders
  • Rough terrain
  • Walkie stacker
  • Counterbalance
  • Reach fork truck

Whether you're earning a forklift certification in Greer SC for a new or current employer, they should provide you with the correct training. The organization that you work for has a legal obligation to ensure that you've been provided with the knowledge to avoid common accidents be safe at work. 

Enroll in a Greer Forklift Training Course

The goal of any training course for operating a forklift is to teach you the OSHA standards for the machines you'll operate as part of your duties. While that may sound intimidating, the good news is that classes typically only last a day or two.

You have two options for enrollment: online or in-person classes.

Depending on your learning style, you may thrive and learn better in an online environment versus an in-person one. Social distancing aside, take a moment and be honest about how you learned best in school. Did you pick up information better through visuals, listening to lectures, reading, or physical activities? 

Attend Greer Forklift Certification Classes

When you attend training to learn how to operate a forklift, you can expect to spend at least one complete workday in a classroom. Most training courses take approximately six hours to educate you on the health and safety regulations, safe driving techniques, and any other critical information about a truck.

While this doesn't have the same intensity as classes in college or even high school, it's crucial to consider why you're there in the first place. Even if it only takes a handful of hours to learn how to operate a machine safely, take the time to get curious. Your instructors have years of experience, and there's no such thing as a stupid question when safety is involved.

Take the Exam

The first half of assessing your knowledge of OSHA regulations involves a written exam. Most exams require a 75% to earn a passing grade, but this depends on which forklift you're training to operate at work. You can't obtain the certification you need without passing this part of the process.

Hands-On Forklift Training Greer

Once your trainers have confidence that you've paid attention in class and have retained critical information, it's time to get hands-on with a forklift. The individual responsible for training will demonstrate the proper operation and ask your class to participate in exercises. 

As the training progresses, you and others will have to complete essential tasks with the machine. You will have to complete tasks like lifting materials, loading objects onto palettes, and more. 

You could argue that this is the most crucial part of earning your certification. Nothing is theoretical anymore, and it's time to apply your knowledge instead of only proving that you can answer questions about OSHA regulations. Take this step seriously and work hard to impress your trainer with your performance.

Final Evaluation

After you've passed the written exam and completed hands-on training, the big moment has arrived. It's time for your assessor to determine if you have earned your forklift certification. Assuming that you've passed, you will receive a certificate and possibly your license card as well to give to your employer.

How to Get a Forklift Certification in Greer

Most people take two paths to earn a forklift certification: enrolling and paying out-of-pocket costs or going through an employer. Some organizations have a legal responsibility to provide OSHA training to anyone working with heavy equipment. If that's the case in your situation, you shouldn't have to pay to receive your forklift training and certification.

If you're doing this on your own, it's worth your time to look into courses offered by a forklift dealer. Many dealers will provide forklift training assistance for anyone who has prior experience for a fee. If you're a manager who needs to train employees, you might find it more cost-effective to hire a consultant to come to you.

Do You Need Forklift Recertification?

OSHA requires anyone with a certification to submit to an evaluation every three years. If a trainer notices that you've slipped into unsafe habits, you might need retraining to retrace your forklift certification steps. Regardless, new regulations or safety tips may apply since the last time you took the course for an employer.

While the details vary depending on the machine, you can expect to have tests on the following:

  • How to safely adapt to attachments
  • Carrying capacity and stability standards
  • Control locations and how to use them properly
  • Routine maintenance requirements for inspections
  • Visibility limitations with and without a load attached to the forklift

Your employer undoubtedly has its safety standards that everyone has to follow, but you have to know what OSHA wants as well. No matter how long it's been since you started working with forklifts, you have to ensure that you're complying with standards to prevent liabilities for yourself and the company that employs you.

Get the Training You Need from Dedicated Experts

Now that you know how to get a forklift certification, what do you need to do next? Whether this is your first rodeo or the thousandth, you can't get where you want to go without help.

Carolina Industrial Trucks is here to help get you where you're going. Contact us for forklift certification and training today in Greer SC, and we'll be thrilled to see when you arrive for forklift classes.