Where Can You Find the Best Forklift Training Classes?

Operating a forklift requires OSHA forklift training and certification. But where and when are forklift training classes offered? Find out here!

In 2019, forklifts were related to 79 deaths and 8,140 injuries involving days away from work. These types of injuries and deaths are tragic and avoidable.

Operating heavy machinery can be a matter of life and death. That's why forklift training classes are vital for keeping drivers and other warehouse personnel safe.

So, what should you look for when researching forklift certification training? Read on to find out.

Where to Find Forklift Training Courses

Forklift training courses are offered by various organizations. The most common are forklift dealers, as well as forklift training schools.

The most important thing to do before you sign up is research the organization and the courses offered. Here are the main factors to consider. 

Choose a Forklift Training Program That Is OSHA Compliant

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the organization that implements the best safety practices in terms of material handling. 

Many forklift training classes are compliant with OSHA. It's a good idea to choose an OSHA forklift training program so that you can be sure you are getting the highest level of safety awareness out there.

Check the Topics Covered

When comparing forklift certification training options, it's a good idea to research the topics that the program will cover.

Though there may be some variation from one course to another, you want to choose one that is robust and has a good breadth of knowledge.

Some of the key topics to look for include the following: 

  • Basic principles of a forklift
  • Different types of lift truck and designs
  • Pre-shift inspection
  • Parts of a forklift
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act and safety rules 
  • Legislation 
  • hazards
  • Classification of lifting devices
  • Practical, hands-on component or test

A course with a good knowledge base is necessary for you to be competent in operating a forklift effectively and safely.

Offers Valid Certification

One of the main reasons you are taking forklift training classes is because you want to receive a valid certification.

This certification will help you get a job as a forklift operator. Most certificates are valid for two or three years, but it's good to double-check. 

Make sure the course you take will give you a certificate and a training record that includes your theory and practical scores. Keep these records in a safe place so that you have them if you need to show them to an employer.  

Experienced Forklift Trainers

A big part of what makes forklift certification training effective is the skill and competency of the course instructors.

Forklift trainers need to be certified. They should have the skills to train people with different learning styles in the operation of various types of lift trucks.

Adequate training will deliver the basics. An exceptional instructor will share real-life stories and experiences to help you fully understand the information.

Patience is also key. Many forklift training classes have testimonials or sample videos you can watch to get a sense of the course instructors.

If you want, you can call the trainer and ask some questions about the course. This will give you a feel for the instructor and their style of teaching.

Accredited Forklift Training

When you search for "forklift training classes near me" be sure to do some research into the training center.

Choose one that has good reviews and testimonials. Be sure to check out their social media pages and see if they are registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Forklift Training Classes for All Needs

Not every person taking a forklift training course has the same needs. Some people are beginners, others might just need a refresher. Look for forklift training courses that offer basic, accelerated, refresher, and train the trainer programming.

Check to see the range of courses offered. Some courses involve the basics of forklift operations while others might dive deep into one specific area.

Forklift courses need to be designed to be accessible to people of any age or experience level. 

Proper Facility and Equipment

It's crucial to know where you will be doing your course. The professional training center should have the proper lift truck equipment in tip-top shape.

Their warehouse should be clean and well-lit and include racking so you can learn the techniques you'll need to become a certified forklift driver.

It's a good idea to visit in person and check out the facility before you sign up for the course. Many training programs are now being offered online thanks to improvements in technology. 

Online courses are easier to fit into your schedule. Ask your training center about online courses. 

Provides Forklift Training Course Materials

Your forklift training program must include course materials to help you truly familiarize yourself with the information.

Often, there are additional or supplemental training materials such as videos or further readings. These can be valuable tools to help cement your knowledge. 

Look for Extra Perks 

There may be some perks to choosing a forklift course of another. One is that some courses are internationally recognized.

It's desirable to have forklift training that is internationally accredited. Especially if you may need or want to work internationally.

Another perk is that some forklift training classes also come with a job assistance program. This is useful for those looking for work.

Often, these organizations have contacts with employment agencies and can help course participants find a job quickly. 

Start Your Forklift Training

There you have it! Now you know the most important things to look for when researching forklift training courses.

Remember, working with heavy equipment such as a forklift can be dangerous. It is imperative that you have the best training to keep you and others safe while you work.

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