The latest news for the Material Handling Industry

  • How do you manage your inventory? Warehouses provide plenty of benefits to Charlotte businesses of all sizes, but not all know how to manage them properly. Supply chain disruptions cost businesses $184 million in losses on average.


    One solution you can apply is investing in lift trucks. It is a great first step to preventing costly inventory management problems. Allow us to delve more into these small, yet heavy-duty industrial vehicles.

  • Forklift accidents are so common every year that when scrolling through social media, you're bound to spot a video of at least one incident. The results are often catastrophic, resulting in serious injuries and a ton of damaged products. A tragedy that could almost always be prevented with basic forklift training.


    At first glance, a forklift may seem just like a small car with a few extra controls, but this is a heavy industrial machine that requires successful forklift training to operate. The question is, should forklift training for employees include everyone in your Concord warehouse?

  • Forklifts are found in use in a variety of industries. They are particularly popular with the approximately 750,000 construction businesses in the US. They also see a great deal of use in warehouses, shipping, manufacturing, and even retail.


    Of course, like most pieces of equipment that businesses use to lift heavy loads, there is a lot of opportunity for damage. Given that forklifts can cost tens of thousands of dollars, you want the maximum working life you can get from them.