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  • When you get a new forklift, you need to understand its load capacity to operate it properly. If you are planning on using a forklift any time soon, you need to read this important information about forklift loading capacity as soon as possible!


    Forklift load capacity is the maximum weight that a forklift can safely carry a load to a specific loading center. Loading centers are the middle of a forklift truckload from front to back. To better understand what a forklift load center is, simply learn how to calculate one.

  • Forklifts are the workhorse of the jobsite or warehouse. They have the power and efficiency to get the job done quickly and with ease. But not all forklifts are the same.


    There are several types of forklifts, each with unique features. How do you decide if you need an electric, propane or diesel-powered lift? Each has unique advantages to it. Each works best in different situations.