The latest news for the Material Handling Industry

  • Nearly 100,000 workers suffer injuries each year while operating forklifts.


    While many result from user carelessness, a significant number could be avoided with proper care and maintenance of the equipment. Taking the time to do forklift inspections in your Monroe warehouse before starting a shift gets employees into a safety mindset and ensures the truck is in good working order.

  • Have you been wondering how much lifting capacity you need for your forklift?


    Did you know that forklift rollover accidents are the cause of 42% of forklift fatalities every year?


    That's why it's important to know and obey the maximum lifting capacity if you're planning to operate a forklift. But how much lifting capacity do you need for your forklift?

  • Do you know which forklift repairs you can handle yourself and which you should leave to the professionals?

    The worst thing you can do when repairing a forklift is to try to make the forklift repairs yourself. The second worst thing is to wait until something goes wrong.


    Keeping up with proper forklift maintenance will save you a lot of money. The cost to repair a forklift truck is considerably higher than the cost to maintain one properly.


    If you require forklift repair services in Columbia SC, it is important to know what repairs you can make on your own and which ones require professional forklift repair. 


    Before you start getting out your tools and doing something you'll regret, take two minutes to read this quick guide. You'll be glad you did.