The latest news for the Material Handling Industry

  • Global forklift sales are going up, so much so that it's expected 743,924 units will be sold in 2026. When buying a forklift, it's important to consider whether you want one with pneumatic or cushion tires. 


    Below we have created this guide that should help you decide between cushion tires and pneumatic tires for your forklift.

  • When you properly maintenance your forklift battery, you cut costs and raise efficiency by extending the life of your forklift battery.


    Want to know how to extend the life of your forklift battery and save money? Forklift batteries are expensive to replace, and they need to be regularly maintained to operate at peak efficiency.


    Forklifts demand proper care. Here is how you can make sure your fleet at your Huntersville business is taken care of properly

  • A forklift is a common piece of equipment in warehouse and storage facilities. They're essential if you want to move large, heavy objects around the area and lift them up onto high shelves.


    Forklifts are also deadly pieces of machinery that can easily lead to serious injury if operated by someone without the proper training.