The latest news for the Material Handling Industry

  • Projections show that the global forklift market will grow to a size of 1.908 million by 2028.


    Forklifts are incredibly useful to a large number of businesses in the Monroe area and have a range of uses. What many people don't realize is how adaptable they are. Many different attachments can be added to forklifts to increase their capabilities.


    For some of the best forklift parts for improving productivity, we have created this comprehensive list for you below.

  • The market for forklift drivers is growing at a steady pace. Experts predict that the employment growth for forklift operator jobs will be 7% between now and 2030.


    The demand exists in both the private and public sectors but finding the right warehouse employee is key to success. So, how can you create a competitive job offer that attracts the best forklift operator applicants in Greer SC?

  • Can the concrete floors of your work environment negatively affect your forklift operations in Greensboro? Yes! Here's what to know about flooring problems.


    Breaks, cracks, and uneven patches on your warehouse floor can cause damage to your forklift tires. With a 6,000-pound forklift applying over 10,000 pounds of pressure to the tires, the condition of the warehouse floor is vital.