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  • Are you a forklift operator? Is safety at your job a priority? Read on to learn several top tips that should help you do your job safely.


    You know the importance of a forklift on your Anderson SC job site and warehouse. It's not only responsible for the heavy lifting but also helps keep things moving more quickly and efficiently. 

  • Nearly 100,000 workers suffer injuries each year while operating forklifts.


    While many result from user carelessness, a significant number could be avoided with proper care and maintenance of the equipment. Taking the time to do forklift inspections in your Monroe warehouse before starting a shift gets employees into a safety mindset and ensures the truck is in good working order.

  • Have you been wondering how much lifting capacity you need for your forklift?


    Did you know that forklift rollover accidents are the cause of 42% of forklift fatalities every year?


    That's why it's important to know and obey the maximum lifting capacity if you're planning to operate a forklift. But how much lifting capacity do you need for your forklift?