How to Know it's Time to Update the Forklift Fleet For Your Indian Trail Company

Industrial trucks are heavy-duty, well-built, and carry a lot of work. Globally, the forklift market is on track to grow by more than 13% through 2030. 

If you rely on forklifts to get the job done in your Indian Trail business, you need to take care of them with thorough maintenance and well-timed upgrades. Upgrading your entire fleet is also a necessity from time to time. 

When do these upgrades become essential? We're glad you asked.  

These tips below will help you out when you're looking into upgrading your forklift fleet.  

Your Machinery is Old and Outdated

One of the main ways to know that a fleet upgrade is in order is that your machinery is old and outdated. Old forklifts become expensive, and you're always worried about whether or not it will hold up. 

It's best to upgrade your forklift fleet in advance, as opposed to waiting for the worst to happen at the worst possible time. Instead, you'll be able to get brand-new or gently used machinery that will keep your fleet up and running. Consider the age of your forklift and assess any damage to make sure that you're not dragging your feet. 

When your machinery is obsolete, you will also find that parts and service become more difficult to obtain. Act quickly so that your old forklifts are given new life thanks to a fleet upgrade. 

Forklift Maintenance Costs Are High

When maintenance costs are high, it gets expensive for your Indian Trail company as a whole. The more frequently you look into forklift maintenance, the lower your overall repair costs will be long-term. 

Put your forklift through a daily inspection to make sure that you're not overlooking any glaring problems with it. When you stay on top of these inspections, you can get the best forklift replacement, making sure that your new equipment is low-maintenance and gives you a quality return on investment (ROI).  

You're Not Embracing Technology

Forklift repair work aside, make sure that you look into upgrades if you haven't been making the best use of technology. Look into the help of some pros that can provide fleet technology that will help you get the most from every forklift that you have. 

One of these dashboards can help you keep up with work logs, fluid changes, tire pressure, work hours, and so much more. You can invest in a Software as a Service (SaaS) that will keep your fleet up-to-date and at its best so that you get the most from each forklift.   

Your Company Needs to Scale


It's definitely time to upgrade your fleet if you're in the middle of growing your Indian Trail company. You'll need to scale in a way that is cost-efficient while also giving you continued performance from each forklift. 


Look into your various forklift model options to get some price quotes. This will help you figure out which are the best for your fleet, and should look into any finance models that will help you pay for it over time. 


Consider the types of forklifts that you need as you grow your business. Some of the different types of forklifts that you might choose to look into include:

 - Narrow aisle forklifts with an electric motor

 - Internal combustion forklifts outfitted with a pneumatic tire base

 - Forklifts that are built to navigate rough and rocky terrain and elevations

 - Rider forklifts with electric motors

 - Combustion and electric engine forklifts 


The type of forklift option that you look into will play a role in the cost that you pay, the level of maintenance required, and the type of performance that you get from your fleet long term.  


The Machinery is Dangerous


Make sure that you also look into an upgrade to your forklift operation if your machinery is beginning to become dangerous. It's one thing to have some minor repair needs, but if your forklift issues are potentially dangerous, it puts your workplace and the people you employ at risk. 


Prioritize these repairs at the top of your list so that you can get them fixed as quickly as possible. Looking after your forklift upgrade will help you out when you're trying to keep your workplace in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and avoid any unnecessary hazards.  


There Are Signs of Wear and Damage


It's also time for a fleet upgrade when your forklift is showing obvious signs of wear and damage. Some hot-button issues to pay attention to include corrosion, dents, and broken or cracked glass. You'll also need to upgrade your forklift if the brakes and suspension are off, chains are damaged, or they require other extensive repairs. 


Keep accurate logs of your repairs and make sure that your new forklift or repair work does away with these issues.


Working Hours Are Adding Up


Finally, make sure that you look into forklift repair or replacement for your fleet if your machinery has racked up a lot of working hours. Once these hours are starting to add up, you could find yourself in need of a fleet upgrade even if your machinery isn't that old. 


Maintain your logs so that these issues are never left to question.  


Managing Your Forklift Fleet in Indian Trail


The tips above will help you out when you're trying to put together the ideal forklift fleet. Take the next steps and find the help of a company in the Indian Trail area that can address any forklift needs you have. 


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