What Are the OSHA Forklift Training Operator Requirements for Greer, SC?

According to the National Safety Council, there were 78 work-related forklift-related deaths in 2020. There were an additional 7,290 nonfatal forklift-related injuries. This is despite the strict safety regulations required by government agencies, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

OSHA regulates the proper training of operating industrial machinery to reduce workplace fatalities. This is why you must undergo OSHA forklift training if you operate these machines.

Forklift training requirements are extensive, but necessary. If you're considering a job in Greer that involves using a forklift, here are some of the requirements.

What Are the OSHA Forklift Training Requirements?

OSHA-certified forklift operator training involves forklift operation and maintenance. It also includes training in operating a forklift in different environments and conditions. The following are some of the training requirements a certification course must cover.

Area-Specific Safety

Learning to operate a forklift is one thing. Learning how to use it safely in a work environment is something different. Unsafe forklift operations can lead to property damage, injury, and even death.

Part of your Greer forklift training will involve learning how to recognize workplace hazards. You'll also need to know how to keep your work area in your Greer warehouse safe. Depending on where you work, you could move chemicals or work around other hazardous materials.

OSHA breaks work areas into three classes, and each has specific safety requirements. The classes include:

 - Class One: Operating where flammable gases or vapors could produce explosive mixtures

 - Class Two: Operating where combustible dust is present

 - Class Three: Operating where ignitable mixtures are present but not in amounts likely to ignite

Safe Forklift Operation in Greer

Of course, part of your training will be on the operation of a forklift. You will learn about the controls and instrumentation and how to steer and maneuver. You'll get an understanding of forklift capacity, stability, and visibility.

You will also learn:

 -To operate on different surface conditions and navigate in narrow aisles and tight spaces

 -How to safely use various fork attachments

 - How to avoid pedestrians

 - The required safe distance that must be maintained between forklifts

 - What constitutes a safe speed, especially when traveling up or down a slope and how to stop safely

 - How to arrange a safe load and load weight limits

There are also a lot of safety guidelines to learn about proper forklift use. Not only will you need to understand them, but remember them, as well. For instance, when operating a forklift, you cannot:

 - Fill the fuel tank while it's actively running

 - Drive it up to someone standing or sitting

 - Stand or pass under the elevated part of the lift

 - Use a forklift in need of repairs

 - Allow untrained workers to ride on it

Other Training Requirements

There are also things to learn about forklift maintenance and the handling of hazardous materials in your warehouse in Greer. These might include:

 - How to safely handle and store liquified petroleum gas, gasoline, and diesel fuel 

 - The safety requirements for changing, recharging, and storing forklift batteries

 - Controlling forklift carbon dioxide

 - How to perform forklift inspection and maintenance

As you can see, there are a lot of OSHA forklift regulations to learn, but they are necessary to keep workplaces safe. If you'd like to see a complete listing of all forklift regulations, you'll find them on the OSHA website.

What Can You Expect During OSHA Forklift Training?

With all of the different things to learn, you might be wondering what to expect from your certification training. Here are some requirements that OSHA forklift certification courses must follow.

Direct Supervision During Hands-On Training

OSHA-certified training courses in Greer are taught by certified instructors with forklift operation experience. They have a thorough knowledge of all OSHA forklift operation requirements.

Once you pass the certification, you will be supervised at work during forklift operation for a period. This is necessary until your supervisor or trainer feels confident you know and consistently follow all safety requirements.

Formal and Hands-On Learning

Your forklift instruction may include interactive computer learning and videos, lectures, group discussion, and written assignments. Hands-on training will consist of instructor-led exercises and performance monitoring from a certified and licensed instructor in Greer.

A Written Test and Operation Test 

OSHA-certified courses must teach to OSHA regulations. You will be tested using the equipment and complete an OSHA-certified written test. OSHA requirements state that operators who pass certified OSHA training must receive proof of certification. You will receive a certificate or a card of course completion.

Once you have successfully passed training, you can add your new certification to your resume. It can improve your chance of getting a new job or advancing at your current job, one of the primary benefits of forklift training.

Will You Ever Need to Recertify?

OSHA requires that forklift operators are evaluated every three years. The evaluation is done in at your Greer workplace by a supervisor or trainer. If you do not pass your evaluation, OSHA requires that you take a refresher training course. Some employers may require their operators to take a refresher course every three years regardless.

You also may have to receive additional training if you:

 - Are involved in an accident or a near-accident

 - Are caught using the forklift in a manner that violates safety guidelines

 - Need to learn a different type of forklift

 - Experience workplace changes that require retraining

Even if you do not require recertification, you should always keep updated on OSHA forklift rules. This way, you are always in compliance with OSHA requirements.

Are You Ready to Start Your Forklift Certification Training in Greer?

OSHA requires training for all forklift operators. The goal is to keep everyone in the workplace safe from injury or a fatality, not just lift operators. Certification can also present better employment opportunities for those in Greer.

While the many forklift training requirements for OSHA certification may seem overwhelming, a good training course is all you need. It will provide you with the necessary materials and hands-on training for confidently passing your testing.

If you are looking for forklift operator training to add to your resume, contact us today for more information.