Why Is Renting a Forklift in Charlotte a Good Idea?

If you need to use a forklift, but not for everyday use, you may want to rent one instead of buying. This article explains why renting a forklift is a good idea.

You know the importance of a forklift as part of your job. It's the workhorse that’s doing the heavy lifting in your warehouse or job site. 

You may be debating whether to make the investment into buying your own forklift or whether it's smarter to rent a forklift as you need it. There are a variety of reasons it makes good sense to opt for renting a forklift.

Best Selection of Rental Forklifts in Charlotte

When you rent a forklift in Charlotte, you have the availability of a wide selection of equipment available to you. From the smallest to largest to the most specialized forklift in the fleet, it will be available for you when you need it. 

The bonus of renting is that the best equipment options are available. You won't need to purchase an expensive piece of equipment that with only be used periodically.

Exactly the Equipment You Need for the Job

Similarly, when you rent instead of buying you get the piece of equipment that you need for the specific job. Maybe you work on different job sites that require different sizes or specs for the equipment?

Because forklifts have different capabilities, like how high something can be lifted or how much weight it can lift, you get the machine that meets the needs of your job.

Use It When You Need It

One of the nicest features of renting a forklift in Charlotte is that you can use the equipment when you need it. If you need a piece of equipment for a quick day job, you can rent it for that period of time. If you need it for a month, you can make that the terms of the rental. You can even do longer-term, or shorter-term rentals if needed. 

On the flip side, if you go a week or month without needing a forklift, you won't have one sitting around idle when you're not using it.

Controlled the Costs of your Forklift

For the above reason and others, you can really control your equipment costs when you opt for a forklift rental. You pay for the equipment only when you need it. 

You also don't have any unexpected bills for maintenance or repairs because that's handled by the rental company.

When you rent, you don't have to carry the equipment as an asset as part of your company. You can also use rental payments as a tax deduction.

Best Forklift Equipment Available for Rent

When you rent a forklift in Charlotte, you are provided with the best equipment available. You can expect a rental fleet to be new and well maintained when it comes to you.

Forklift Rental companies in Charlotte are constantly adding new equipment to their fleet. You can expect to receive a machine that has low hours on it so there are no worries about reliability.

Cost Savings of a Charlotte Forklift Rental Over Time

If you know you have a big job or that you will use the forklift for an extended period of time, you might be debating whether it makes sense to just buy. But you might still want to consider a rental even in this situation.

If you do a longer-term rental, you can reduce rates, compared to doing a daily or even weekly rental. Even opting to do a month-long rental can get you a reduced rate over time.

Rent to Own Forklift Options in Charlotte

Many Charlotte Forklift rental companies will also occasionally offer the option where you rent to own the machine. This gives you a chance to do a rental to find the right machine for your needs. 

You can then work towards buying it with your rentals. This option gives you have time to budget the purchase and time to decide if buying is the right move for you.

Try Before You Buy

It is sort of like trying on a new pair of boots or taking a car for a test spin, when you rent, you can try out the machine a few times with a rental. Even if you are pretty set on purchasing over renting, it makes sense to try the rental option first. 

Rent the machine with the specs you think you need. Try different brands even as rentals. Then when you do take the leap into purchasing you can buy exactly what you want and need.

Maintenance Coverage

When you rent a forklift in Charlotte, you don't have to be responsible for the forklift maintenance or repairs. Those services are part of the rental price. So, you can assume the machine you get for your rental has been checked out and has up to date maintenance on it. 

While renting it, if there are any problems, the forklift rental provided can send a technician to work on the machine as needed. 

Forklift Operator Training

Both you and the Charlotte Forklift rental company want your forklift operators to handle the machine correctly, following every safety protocol. You need to have a certified operator on your machines. 

If your workers are not certified, the rental company likely offers the appropriate training needed to get them certified.

Delivery to Where You Need the Forklift to Be 

If your work takes you to different job sites, you don't have to worry about hauling equipment. When you do a rental, the forklift company will deliver the machine where you need it. When you're done with the machine, they pick it up. They get the machine where it needs to be when you need it and the machine handles the heavy lifting.

Advantages to Renting a Forklift in Charlotte

 While forklifts are an important part of any workforce in a warehouse or job site, they can be costly and require upkeep. For many reasons, renting a forklift might be a better choice than buying. 

If you're interested in getting more information on our Charlotte forklift rental fleet, we can help. Contact us today to get more information. We have a branch near you, ready to get you the equipment you need.