Forklift Training

The training facility at Carolina Industrial Trucks' corporate office is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of customers, while staying on the cutting edge of knowledge in the industry.

Regularly scheduled training provides a special half-day program geared to the forklift operator. This CIT training course teaches the basics of safe forklift operation detailing safety rules, forklift design concepts and government regulations. The course includes both classroom and hands-on training.

On-site training as well as a 2-day seminar designed to "train the trainer" within your organization is also available.

All materials are provided, and each attendee with be given the National Safety Council Forklift Operator Test and issued a certificate of completion. Each attendee will also receive a copy of the North Carolina O.S.H.A. Industry Guide #12 (Forklift Operator Training) plus other safety training material.

The training specialists at Carolina Industrial Trucks are ready to help you business improve forklift operator efficiency and safety. Call (800) 767-7388, or  Email our Training Department, for details.

Whether you are an experienced forklift operator looking to improve your forklift training, a forklift operator who wants to teach others by obtaining your own forklift training skills, or a brand-new, inexperienced operator starting your forklift certification from the beginning, Carolina Industrial Trucks can help.

Forklift training is a vital part of adhering to safety rules and regulations. Forklifts are complex pieces of machinery, even if they might look simple to the untrained eye, and it is very important that anyone working with these machines have obtained forklift certification. Even people who have been working with forklifts for a long time can benefit from regular operator training to ensure they are up to date and as safe as possible.

Our forklift training can be modified to meet anyone’s needs, so if you are looking for a complete operator training package, or just a refresher for previous forklift certification, look no further than Carolina Industrial Trucks.

Not all forklift training is equal. You will find that our operator training programs are highly beneficial and offer a great value. Any training program can provide you with forklift certification, but ours will give you excellent, high quality skills and experience that will carry over to your current job, or the job you would like to strive for in the future. We are not in the business of simply handing out forklift certification; we want you to be completely safe, knowledgeable, and happy with the education you receive through Carolina Industrial Trucks.

Our classes take students through every aspect of safe, careful, properly performed forklift operation. If you are sending employees for training, you will find that they are a huge boost to your business when they return. If you are looking for forklift operator training to add to your own resume, you have come to the right place. Contact us today for more information.