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Our classes take students through every aspect of safe, careful, properly performed forklift operation.

Operator Training with CIT: 

  1. Emphasis will be placed on equipment ideal to your workplace.
  2. Students will take a hand-written (OSHA certified) test.
  3. Participants will be given a (hands-on) performance evaluation on equipment.

  4. Flexible Scheduling.

  5. Offer basic, accelerated, refresher, and train the trainer courses.

  6. Student will cover OSHA Standard 1910.178 Regulations in-depth

  7. Students will recieve a (wallet-sized) Forklift Operator Card and a Certificate of Completion.

  8. Train the Trainer participants will receive a training kit which includes: course materials, DVD and a copy of the written test.

CIT Forklift Training Class

Whether you are an experienced forklift operator looking to improve your forklift training, a forklift operator who wants to teach others by obtaining your own forklift training skills, or a brand-new, inexperienced operator starting your forklift certification from the beginning, Carolina Industrial Trucks can help.

Our classes take students through every aspect of safe, careful, properly performed forklift operation. If you are sending employees for training, you will find that they are a huge boost to your business when they return. If you are looking for forklift operator training to add to your own resume, you have come to the right place.

OSHA Dept of Labor:

If you are an employer or manager with employees who operate material handling equipment, you must under the law provide adequate training and a safe environment for your forklift drivers.

The employer shall ensure that each powered industrial truck operator is competent to operate a powered industrial truck safely, as demonstrated by the successful completion of the training and evaluation specified.

- OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178(I)(1)(I)


We are ready to help your business improve operator efficiency and safety. Call us :

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Forklift Training in Statesville

If you are looking for forklift operator training in Statesville, Carolina Industrial Trucks has what you need for forklift certification. Providing training with an emphasis on safety, we give trainees the skills necessary to thrive. We cover common causes of accidents and incidents, hazards of forklift operation, recommended safety procedures, forklift inspection, safe driving techniques, and every other aspect of forklifts.

Our forklift certification program in Statesville, includes both hands on learning and classroom education. This ensures that our trainees understand the theory behind the decisions they will have to make on the job, and that they are prepared to handle anything the real world can throw at them.

The knowledge given through our programming for forklift certifications in Statesville is tested with the National Safety Council Forklift Operator Test. Successful trainees are issued a certificate of completion upon passing, as well as a personal copy of the North Carolina O.S.H.A. Industry Guide #12 (Forklift Operator Training).

All of our instructors have their own extensive training, giving them the appropriate knowledge, skills, and on-the-job experience to teach others how to be safe, efficient forklift operators. Having trained numerous forklift operators in the past, we understand what it takes to effectively instruct others in a manner that leads to confidence, boosted morale, and the necessary skills to succeed in the real world. We are in the business of benefitting our clients, and our attendees, paying personal attention to the education we provide instead of just churning out high numbers of graduates.

Proper forklift operator training for Statesville employees can do wonders for the overall success of your business. People who have been trained have the skills to maintain a safe work environment. They adhere to safety standards, both the in-house regulations and rules set out by the government and other overseeing authorities. Trained, skilled forklift operators are far less likely to cause damage to your products or your warehouse, and you will experience lowered incident rates, lowered operating costs, and improved service and quality all around.

Showing your staff that you are committed to their ongoing success in your company through offering training is an excellent way to encourage loyalty. If you provide training upgrades to your employees they will truly feel like you are inspiring them to grow within your company. This means that our operator training in Statesville can provide benefits far beyond simply decreasing safety risks.

If you are trying to receive your forklift certification in Statesville, you can look to us for support and assistance. We work hard to support our trainees throughout the duration of the program so they leave with full confidence in their skills. This holds true for both experienced forklift operators looking to upgrade their existing training, or recertify after training has expired, and for those who are new to the industry or just learning about forklift operation. Whether you are new to the job or looking at becoming a trainer yourself, Carolina Industrial Trucks will answer any questions you have and tailor our training programming to meet your needs, and the needs of your employer. Contact us now and set up a program for your staff.