Our Responsibility is to Ensure Our Customers Have the Right Piece of Equipment for the Job

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CIT represents 2 of the world's top manufacturers of forklifts: Hyundai & Komatsu.

Hyundai Forklift

CIT is among the best in the industry when it comes to forklift sales. We only carry the best new and used forklifts so you know you are purchasing or renting top of the line equipment when you shop with us. Visit us to see full lines of Hyundai Material Handling and Komatsu forklifts. Each line includes forklifts that are great for both big and small jobs. Be sure to tell our sales team what you need out of your forklift so they can help you find the perfect piece of equipment. Whether you want something ergonomic to cut down on injuries or something fuel efficient to lower your fuel prices, we have the lift truck you need.

We base our recommendations on the customer's needs.

Our responsability as a dealership is to make sure our customer's decision to purchase a forklift results in the right peice of equipment that provides the best return on investment in terms of productivity, reduced down-time, lowest maintenance cost and longest econimic life. CIT has the unique ability to do just that; like no other dealership in the country.

Our goal is to make the purchasing process simple for all businesses. We have over 28 years of experience in the industry and will put that knowledge to use for you. 

- John Cotham - CEO

We take pride in selling only the best.

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Forklifts in Charlotte NC

Your business relies on you making the right forklift purchase from a Charlotte, NC lift truck dealer. The right purchase will provide you with the forklift you need to operate efficiently. However, purchasing the wrong lift truck could lead to the machine spending more time in the shop than at the job site, costing your company precious time and money. This leaves you with a big decision, but it does not have to be a difficult one. Carolina Industrial Trucks specializes in providing companies with the perfect forklift for their needs. Our sales team is eager to help you find the right product for what your company needs, all you have to do is call or stop by our full service facility.

Charlotte, NC Forklift Sales

CIT is one of the few companies that not only offers forklift sales in Charlotte, NC, but also the surrounding area. By going with a local company, you can expect local service that you would not receive from one of the larger chains. Our customer services representatives are close to you, not halfway around the world, and they are ready to help. Our goal is to help alleviate, not only the stresses of purchasing a forklift, but also how you are going to maintain it once you have it on site.

Multiple Options

CIT offers a variety of forklifts for sale in Charlotte, NC. We have gas, propane, diesel, and electric forklifts available for sale, which means we have a machine for every type of job. We also offer some of the best brands of forklifts available, including UniCarriers, Komatsu, or Hyundai Material Handling. Each of these brands has unique qualities. UniCarriers offers the best in automotive technology and ergonomics, while Hyundai Material Handling utilizes some amazing technology, and Komatsu is an International Deming Award winner.

If the choices seem overwhelming, do not worry. Our Charlotte, NC forklift sales team will go over your business with you and help you find the right lift truck for your company. Our goal is to make the purchasing process simple for all businesses. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry and will put that knowledge to use for you.

Top Service Packages

We do not sell forklifts and then forget about our customers. While we believe that customer service starts with the initial consultation, we do not believe that it ever ends. That is why we only use the best parts and have an expert service department that is extremely knowledgeable. Our service department is always available to help, and we offer various packages to ensure that your lift truck is always up and running. From planned maintenance agreements all the way to our breakdown service, you never have to worry about what to do when your forklift is not working properly. Our packages include parts and labor so you will not have to budget for surprise costs. You can just go to the job site and CIT will take care of you if any problems arise.

Let Us Bring You the Perfect Forklift

At CIT, we are dedicated to bringing you the absolute perfect forklift that is guaranteed to suit all of your needs. Our sales staff and service department always have our customer’s best intentions in mind and they are committed to providing you with exactly what your company has been missing. At Carolina Industrial Trucks, our customers always come first, and that is just the way we like it. We also service Concord and Huntersville NC with new and used forklifts.