The Best Forklift Parts and Accessories That Will Improve Productivity in Monroe

Projections show that the global forklift market will grow to a size of 1.908 million by 2028.

Forklifts are incredibly useful to a large number of businesses in the Monroe area and have a range of uses. What many people don't realize is how adaptable they are. Many different attachments can be added to forklifts to increase their capabilities.

For some of the best forklift parts for improving productivity, we have created this comprehensive list for you below.

Side Shifters

If you want to improve a forklifts functionality, side shifters are one of the most popular attachments available. They can help improve efficiency in almost any environment. Side shifters allow the operator to move the forks from side to side automatically.

This extra degree of control makes it easy to line up the forks for picking up and putting pallets down more accurately. By doing so, the operator can work faster, and it reduces the risk of damage to pallets or racking.

Fork Positioners

Depending on the work needed to be done, some forklift accessories are more essential than others. If you need a forklift to be able to pick up a range of different-sized pallets, fork positioners are key. They use hydraulics to align the forks so the operator can move them closer together or further apart with ease.

Many forklifts in the Monroe area have adjustable forks that can be moved side to side by hand. Doing so is a lot more time-consuming and more effort for the operator. This can also only be done when there is no load on the forks, whereas automatic fork positioners can move at any time.

Multiple Load Handlers

If you want to significantly improve forklift efficiency, multiple load handlers can be a great choice. They're an attachment that has two sets of forks side by side. With these, a forklift operator can pick up two pallets at a time.

There are different models available. Some of these have rigid unibody designs, and others have adjustable hydraulic configurations. By moving two pallets at once you can massively reduce the time needed for certain tasks, while also reducing fuel consumption.

Push/Pull Attachments

Push/pull attachments are used in various industries to increase the load and unload time of materials. A slip sheet (often cardboard) sits between the goods and the pallet, and the attachment grips this sheet, sliding the product on and off of the forks with ease.

These are ideal in the beverage, pharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods industries. On top of increased speed, this method also allows for higher shipping volume, making it great for fast-paced environments in Monroe.

Fork Extensions

While there's no "standard" pallet size, most pallets are no more than 48 inches in width or length. Almost all forklifts can move these pallets with no issues. In certain circumstances, however, standard forks may not be long enough.

For such situations, fork extensions are the best solution. They simply slide over the standard forks, making it much easier and safer to pick up oversized loads. Just note that they're not a solution for loads that are too heavy, only ones that are too large.

Safety Cages

Also known as forklift baskets, these are used to elevate people, rather than goods. This is to essentially provide an elevated working platform so employees can easily work at height or raise/lower goods. Sometimes it can be much easier to use a forklift for maintenance in awkward spots as opposed to setting up scaffolding or another type of platform.

It's unsafe to raise people using any other type of forklift attachment, so these are highly recommended. Safety cages are typically made of steel and have a non-slip bottom to help maintain safety.


As standard, the forks (and other attachments) on forklifts stay level with the truck. For situations where other angles might be needed, you can use rotators. They can rotate a full 360-degrees in either direction for full flexibility.

These are ideal for moving pallets that are unbalanced, as well as transporting goods to different containers.


While not the most common attachment, this one can be very useful in certain situations. Adding a scoop to your forklift will turn it into a mobile shovel, capable of moving materials such as sand and gravel in large quantities.

These are common on construction sites around Monroe and are perfect if you need to dump out materials at an elevated height.

Layer Picker

A layer picker is an attachment that can be used to pick up single, or multiple layers at once. It's lowered down on the materials from above and grips the product on all 4 sides.

These are common in beverage distribution centers and are ideal for creating mixed pallets as you can stack them layer by layer.

The Best Forklift Parts Near Monroe

It's very unlikely that any working environment in Monroe would need all of the forklift attachments above, but most facilities could benefit greatly from one or more.

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