Pay Attention When Looking for Used Forklifts for Sale in Greensboro

From wear and tear to pricing and features, use this article to find the best used forklifts for sale in Greensboro, North Carolina.

A new electric forklift can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $45,000 depending on the type. For many businesses, this expenditure is far too high. If your business is in the same boat, then a quality used forklift can be the right option.

A used forklift can cost half what a new one costs, making it an investment to consider. If you are in the market for used forklifts in Greensboro, it is vital you know what you are looking for so you can make the most out of your purchase.

Gaps in the Lift Chains

When inspecting used forklifts in Greensboro, don't forget to check the lift chains and mast. You do not want to see any cracks or welding marks in the mast, because that can mean there have been repairs in the past. Because you don't know who did the welding, the welding job might not be up to par, and a poor job could weaken the integrity of the mast.

Furthermore, the mast rollers should not show signs of excessive wear. This means you want a round shape as opposed to a more oval shape. Next, you want to inspect the lift chains. There should not be any missing links or anchor pins.

Parallel to the lift chains are the hydraulic hoses, where you will want to check for leaking hydraulic fluid. You want to also check the chains and hoses for an equal distribution of tension.

Smoothness of the Mast

Ask the forklift seller to raise the forks just high enough to extend the second channel of the mast. Watch for any issues in this process that could point to the link chain needing repairs or the mast rollers not having been lubricated and maintained well enough.

Inspect the Wheels

Another thing you will want to inspect is the wheels and feel for any chunking. Chunking looks and feels like something has taken a bite out of the wheel, creating a gap.

Tires that are in poor shape will have treads that are very low or do not exist at all. Look at the wear line or safety line. If you see the tire has worn down to near this line, it will need to be replaced.

For tires that do not have wear lines, you can look at the lettering on the sidewall. If the top of the lettering has been reached, you need to replace the tire.

Look for Fork Damage

Start inspecting the forklift by checking the front of it. The forks are a crucial part of the lift truck, and you will want to make sure it has no damage. Look for cracks, bending, or any other signs of serious wear.

If you see cracks, it should set an alarm off in your head, because it means the fork will have to be replaced soon. You also want to inspect the heel of the fork blade and its thickness. If the back of the blade does not match in thickness to the upright fork shank, which is the part of the fork that connects to the rest of the machine, the forks are worn.

Check the Frame and Cowling

Walk around the forklift and try to spot any signs of damage. Make sure to inspect the cowling (hood area) as well.

You'll also want to take the time to inspect the overhead guard, specifically to look for any bending. Bends in the overhead guard will mean it will not be able to protect the operator if a load falls.

Look at the chassis and watch for any cracking or signs of welding.

Battery Life

Although there is no way to track the number of hours left on the battery (electric forklift), you can ask the person offering used forklifts for sale how many shifts it was used in, and how many years it was in operation. Most batteries last about 5 years in single-shift operations.

If the forklift uses lead-acid batteries, look for signs of acid corrosion.

Check the Engine

Run the forklift for a few minutes and inspect the engine to look for any leaks or cracks in the hoses. Pull out the dipstick to check the oil levels, since low oil can tell you there might be a leak. The belts should also be tight and lubricated.

Safety Features

All forklifts come with features that can help prevent injuries and accidents. You want to check each of these safety features. They include:

- Seatbelt

- Horn

- Brakes

- Lights

- Seat adjustments

- Overhead guards

Check all the levers to make certain they work as they should. If you are not sure about the requirements for these safety features, there are OSHA guidelines you can check.

Ask About Maintenance and Inspection Records

Forklifts need to be inspected regularly to be kept in proper operation. Ask to see records of these inspections before deciding on purchasing the forklift.

You never want to purchase a forklift that has not received regular inspections, because you do not want to end up with a machine that will not pass operation regulations.

You also want to look at the maintenance records. The seller or dealer needs to be able to provide you with this information.

Buy the Right Forklift in Greensboro

When considering used forklifts for sale in Greensboro, you need to take your time inspecting the machine. Inspect it closely for wear and tear and ask to see maintenance and inspection records before making a decision. It can also help to buy from reputable dealers who have years in the business of selling used forklifts.

At Carolina Industrial Trucks, we can help you find the exact forklift you need for your business. Our experts are ready to answer any questions you may have about our forklifts. Contact us now to learn more.