Eight Benefits of a Propane (LP) Forklift

For your warehouse or industrial operations, a forklift makes obvious sense.

They're a versatile workhorse for your employees to move items and operate quickly, saving you time and money.

Ultimately, you want the best type of forklift for your buck, and for your particular application, but you can't go wrong with a propane forklift.

Here are eight benefits to propane-powered forklifts that you might not have considered.


If time is a factor in your business operation, you need all the power you can get out of your equipment. With a forklift powered by liquid propane fuel, you don't have to worry about any slow-downs. Unlike with an electric option, the power remains consistent until the fuel runs out.

They're not affected by a variable load, so you can be sure you'll have the same power efficiency whether you're at a quarter, half or full capacity. This makes them the ideal fuel source for forklifts operating in busy working environments, like a warehouse.

Better Maintenance Options with an LP Forklift

Electric powered forklifts rely on batteries, which will end up wearing out over time as they retain less charge. You don't have that problem with a forklift running on propane, meaning a longer operating life.

Of course, all forklifts require maintenance from time to time, but thanks to extensive sensoring, you shouldn't have to worry about any fuel issues, as modern forklifts will shut down if there are any problems.

Follow safety procedures whenever it's time to service an existing forklift. You should make sure you service and maintain your forklifts on a regular basis to ensure they're in the best working condition.

Of course, no forklift is going to last forever. If it's time for a replacement, consider these tips on how to get the best trade-in value for your existing forklift.

Cheaper Costs

Compared to electric, propane tends to be a cheaper fuel source to use. That makes it ideal for a business environment, especially if you're concerned about cost.

If you're using electric powered forklifts, you'll need to remember the additional overhead required for the equipment. 

Eventually, you'll need to charge your forklifts or change their batteries. That cost is in addition to the electricity you might already be using and paying for.

Looking at other fuels, propane is cheaper on average than diesel per gallon, at an average of $2.81 per gallon for propane as of Summer 2018, while diesel stands at $3.24/gallon.

You'll also find that buying the machine itself is many times cheaper than other alternatives such as electric or diesel.

Environmentally Friendly

If you're worried about your carbon footprint, or your fuel emissions, propane is the right fuel to consider.

Under the 1990 Clean Air Act, propane is considered a clean fuel source by the federal government. It doesn't cause too much contamination in the air when it's used, it's not toxic, and it isn't regulated.

This means if you're working in an enclosed space, the air quality for your employees will be better, so you don't need to worry about any long-term health costs thanks to using propane forklifts.

LP Powered Fork Lift are Tax Efficient

Because it's a clean fuel, both federal and state governments offer tax incentives to help encourage businesses to switch to propane compared to dirtier fuels like diesel.

Tax credits like these are a bonus for businesses. They help you recoup costs, which you can reinvest into your operations or workforce. Thanks to the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit, you can have a rebate of 50 cents a gallon for the propane fuel you use.

Find out more about the propane tax credit opportunities you could take advantage of from the Department of Energy.

Adapts to Any Environment

Need to operate in tough conditions? A propane powered forklift is the ideal choice.

Unlike electricity, you don't have to worry about the risk to batteries or equipment. Forklifts using propane can work on any surface and in any environment, including outdoors in poor weather.

If you need a forklift that can handle any situation, a propane powered forklift should be considered. Propane fuel supplies for portable forklifts can be kept without special storage conditions and can be easily changed, regardless of the weather.

Safe to Use

If you're worried about safety, a propane powered forklift is the ideal option. Propane doesn't burn easily, so as we've already mentioned, it's safe to store without needing to take special measures.

Propane might be safe, but you still need to take care of the safety of your workforce when they use a forklift. Here are some resources from the Department of Labor on forklift safety for your workforce to consider.

Just remember this golden rule: Never be complacent with your workforce's safety, and don't allow your workers to be complacent either. You shouldn't allow anyone to operate a forklift without the required training.

If you're based in North or South Carolina, you can book in for forklift training at one of our six locations.

Good for Productivity

If profits are thin, or you're worried about wasting money, it's sensible to think about how to improve productivity in your business. If you're used to working with electric forklifts, you'll be amazed at what propane could do for your operations.

How long might it take you to charge a battery-powered forklift? It could take several hours for the batteries to reach full capacity. In comparison, you can change a propane tank in a few minutes.

That's several hours of lost time saved immediately, and time saved is money saved.

The Benefits of Buying a Propane Forklift

Thanks to the benefits of a propane forklift, it makes sense to consider them for your next equipment purchase.

They're safer to use, easier to maintain, and they'll increase your workforce productivity. The credit for federal tax on fuels you can receive also help to make it a tax-efficient option for businesses.

Ready to start looking? Check out the propane-powered forklifts we offer here and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact one of our experienced team members.