Cushion or Pneumatic: Which Tire is Best for Your Concord Area Forklifts?

Global forklift sales are going up, so much so that it's expected 743,924 units will be sold in 2026. When buying a forklift, it's important to consider whether you want one with pneumatic or cushion tires. 

Both pneumatic tire forklifts and cushion tire forklifts can be very useful for a Concord business, but you need to decide between the two options carefully. Your choice will change based on where you use your forklift and what you plan to do with it. 

Below we have created this guide that should help you decide between cushion tires and pneumatic tires for your forklift.

Pneumatic Tire Forklifts for your Concord Business

Pneumatic forklift tires are similar to the type of tires you would find on cars or everyday vehicles, in that they are air filled. They are a bigger than cushion tires and are designed for outdoor use.

Pneumatic tires provide great stability and allow operators to ride over rough, outdoor terrain easily and effectively. You'll get great ground clearance when using one of these forklifts and will be able to navigate with ease.

On the other hand, despite the increased stability, there will be a bit less flexibility and maneuverability when compared to cushion tire forklifts. The bodies of these pneumatic tire forklifts will be a bit lengthier and wider than cushion tire forklifts. Generally, pneumatic tire forklifts, as well as the tires themselves, will be a bit more expensive than cushion tire forklifts. 

Cushion Tire Forklifts

Cushion tires are very simple and basic, but also very affordable. These tires are manufactured more cheaply than pneumatic tires but are still very durable and long-lasting.

Forklifts with cushion tires are cheaper to own and maintain and can serve a lot of great uses due to their durability. Many Concord area industries make use of cushion tire forklifts due to their easy maintenance and great functionality. Cushion tire forklifts are also useful because they're small in width and height and they offer great maneuverability in tight spaces, such as inside a warehouse.

On the other hand, cushion tire forklifts do have some drawbacks. Cushion tires are smooth and have a very limited amount of traction. This means that they're only suitable for use indoors and on flat and level surfaces. If you try to take a cushion tire forklift off-road, it could become stuck or lead to forklift safety issues.

Deciding Between Cushion and Pneumatic Tires

It's important to remember that forklifts are designed for either pneumatic tires or cushion tires and typically can't be used with both. 

Because of this, you'll need to think carefully when buying a forklift and should consider the application where it will be used. As you may have guessed already, the key deciding factor will be whether you plan to use your forklift indoors or outdoors.

Pneumatic tire forklifts are best used outdoors. They offer great stability and can handle terrain well. However, keep in mind that they're a bit more expensive and more difficult to maintain than cushion tires.

Cushion tire forklifts, on the other hand, are ideal for use inside a building. Cushion tires are smooth and pretty basic, but they're also durable and cheap. You'll also get great maneuverability with one of these forklifts as well. 

Pneumatic Tire Options

It's important to realize that there are several types of pneumatic tires that you can choose from. Here are the three options that you might want to consider if you'll be getting a forklift near Concord that works with pneumatic tires.

Air-Filled Tires

Air-filled tires are the most common and popular type of pneumatic tires for forklifts. These tires are primarily hollow and are inflated with the help of pressurized air. 

These tires work pretty well, but they aren't as durable as other options such as solid rubber tires or foam-filled tires. They also offer a limited amount of stability on bumpy ground, so be sure to keep this in mind as well.

Solid Rubber Tires


Solid rubber pneumatic tires are another option to consider. These tires are considerably more durable than air-filled tires and offer a lot of additional strength. They're very reliable and won't get busted easily.


These tires cost a bit more than other options, however. They're also very rigid, so they won't provide as much comfort while on the move.


Foam-Filled Tires


Foam-filled tires offer a mix of functionality between the previous two options. They offer a good balance of characteristics. 


As the name would suggest, foam-filled tires are hollow and full of dense foam. Although they're not as durable and long-lasting as solid rubber tires, they generally last a pretty long time. They're also less comfortable than air-filled tires but will also be durable enough to avoid damage. 


These tires are a good middle ground between the other two options so they're worth considering if you are looking for a balanced option.


Choosing a Forklift Tire Type to Use for Your Concord Business


If you're trying to decide between pneumatic tires and cushion tires for your forklift, you need to keep all of the information above in mind.


Choosing the right type of forklift and tires is essential for ensuring you can get the functionality you need for your Concord business. Remember that as a general rule, pneumatic tires work best for the outdoors while cushion tires are more suitable for indoor use.


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