The latest news for the Material Handling Industry

  • The invention of the forklift was created out of necessity. In 1917 an axle manufacturer created a truck to move materials around their factory. In 1923, another company added forks to lift loads as well as an elevated mast that could extend beyond the height of the truck. And so, the forklift was born. If you are in need of a forklift for your operation you might be wondering which type of forklift to get. In the following article we will discuss the pros, cons, and differences between a sit down and stand up forklift. 

  • You wake up to a brutally cold winter morning. You hope your car starts. You get to work and then you hope your forklift starts. Winter comes with a whole slew of hassles specific to the season. How your equipment operates normally in the weather should not be on that list. Regardless of the forklift types in your fleet, here are some tips and tricks for fleet management in the brutal cold. Read on to learn how to maintain your fleet all year-round to avoid winter worries. 

  • Hopefully, you have emergency procedures in place to handle spills, fires, and other sudden issues. However, what many businesses forget is that you need a communication plan too. It's safety 101! Employees shouting at each other is going to cause even more panic and possible miscommunication. It's also important to notify shift supervisors and other managers. Of course, if it's a major issue requiring evacuation, everyone needs to be notified. How do you communicate during an emergency? Here are some tips.