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Sales, Repairs, Training, and Rental Forklifts Near Anderson SC

Whether you need a new forklift or forklift repair/service, you’re in the right place. Carolina Industrial Trucks can help you with:

·   New and used forklift sales

·   repair

·   servicing

·   rentals

·   parts

·   forklift operator training

That’s pretty much all of the bases covered. If you have a business that involves the use of forklifts in the Anderson SC area, you’re in luck. We’re right on your doorstep and we can offer you everything you need to supply you with forklifts and/or keep your forklifts in good working order.

Hyundai Forklift

Check Us Out for New and Used Forklift Sales near Anderson SC

Let us know whether you’re looking for used or new forklifts and we will do the rest. We have the expertise to provide you with the ideal equipment for your chosen application. We are a certified dealer for three of the top forklift manufacturers, so we can provide you with quality, value, and reliability that comes from experience.

Hyundai Material Handling – Our HMH forklifts are on the cutting-edge of forklift technology, and you can look forward to heavy-duty equipment that performs the job well.

Komatsu – This is a global leader based in Japan and offers you a diverse selection of forklifts to satisfy any needs.

UniCarriers – if you’re prioritizing reliability, this brand steals the show with its impressive limited warranty. They offer peace of mind as well as forklifts that are reliable, competitively priced, and energy efficient.

Forklift Service and Repairs in the Anderson SC Area

We are available for forklift repair near Anderson SC. Don’t worry about getting your forklift to us. We can provide our repair services on site, or we can take the forklift to one of our Carolina service locations.

What do you do while waiting for us to repair your forklift? Choose from our range of forklifts – we’ll help you decide on one depending on the application and your requirements - and use it until your forklift service is complete.

To prevent costly down time from a broken-down forklift, we offer you forklift service to keep your forklift(s) in good working condition. This means better efficiency for your business and less downtime for your company. Whether you are using a single forklift, or you operate a fleet, we can help you keep on top of maintenance.

You may also like our fleet management service, which aims to help you monitor the running costs of your forklifts and stay on schedule with essential maintenance, preventing the need for repairs and costly downtime.

Reliable Forklift Rentals Near Anderson SC

Many businesses need to adapt to seasonal changes or unexpected changes in the market, whether they make you more or less busy. We can help you stay flexible by providing you with forklift rentalsin Anderson. Increase and decrease your fleet at a moment’s notice. With our quality forklift rentals in Anderson SC, you don’t need to turn down or delay work because you don’t have the forklifts. We can deliver you the forklifts you need, most of the time on the same day you request them.

Forklift rental in Anderson SC gives your business more options. Reliable, quality forklifts and clear rental rates can help you keep your business on its toes, whereas more inflexible businesses tend to be caught flat-footed when opportunities arise.

Anderson SC Forklift Parts for Your Fleet

We carry genuine parts from top forklift manufacturers Komatsu, Hyundai Material Handling, and UniCarriers, as well as most other brands. Their quality and reliability, therefore, are assured.

When in need of forklift parts in the Anderson SC area, you don’t have to wait a long time for them to reach you. Pick them up directly from us at our shop near Anderson or another of our Carolina locations, or let us ship the parts to you overnight so that you can repair your forklift the following morning.

OSHA Approved Forklift Operator Training near Anderson SC

Proper forklift education is critical to the safety and smooth running of your business. Our forklift operator trainingnear Anderson ensures that students understand all they need to work with forklifts safely. Our training courses range from basic to “train the trainer.”

We’re proud to provide OSHA approved forklift training in the Anderson area and will take all students through OSHA Standard 1910.178 Regulations. There are hand-written tests as a part of OSHA forklift training for Anderson SC, as well as a hands-on performance evaluation. Students completing the course receive a Forklift Operator Card, and a Certificate of Completion.

Not only is our training thorough, it is also flexible. Our goal is to help you improve the efficiency and safety of your business, without impacting your work by keeping your staff busy. We can time training sessions in a way that minimizes interruption to your business.

Reach Out to a Trusted Forklift Company Today

Whatever you need, if there’s a forklift involved, let us know! We’re happy to provide you with fast, efficient service, and we are knowledgeable, so we can make sure that we tailor our solutions for your business. We aim to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to find out how.


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