Rentals right

Carolina Industrial Trucks, Inc. in Charlotte, Statesville, Monroe, Raleigh, Greenville, and Columbia offers forklift rental by the day, week, month, or even longer term. Our forklift rentals are gasoline, propane, diesel, and electric powered. We have hard to find forklift rental equipment: rug poles, carton clamps, large capacity forklifts and other forklift attachments. If you are planning a move you must demand reliable forklift equipment with little downtime. More uptime on your equipment translates to higher profits for your bottom line. Carolina Industrial Trucks, Inc. can handle all of your forklift needs. Your company may need one forklift or thirty. Give us a call or  Email our Equipment Rental Department

Forklift Rentals

When you have a job to do, it is important to stay on task and not have any huge setbacks. When time is money, the last thing you want to do is shop around for the right equipment. Especially when you can go to one place to fulfill all of your forklift rental needs. That is why so many people choose Carolina Industrial Trucks. With a wide range of forklift rentals, we have something for everyone, no matter how big or small the job may be. Whether you need a single forklift for a quick job, or an entire fleet for months at a time, we are the company of choice for people who need rental forklifts.

High Quality, Late Model Forklifts for All Jobs

Not all companies can afford to keep a fleet of late model, high quality forklifts on hand. Fortunately, they can come to Carolina Industrial Trucks for the highest quality forklift rentals around. We have gasoline, propane, diesel, and electric powered forklifts in our well-maintained, high quality rental fleet.

However, we know that forklift rentals are about more than just fuel type. That is why we ask about the specific job you need to take on when you request one of our rental forklifts. From clearance restrictions, to information regarding the surface you plan to operate the forklift on, we will take all of the information you provide, and match you up with the perfect forklift for your job. We have an extensive line of forklifts at our disposal so we take the time to make sure each customer gets the correct forklift, for whatever job they are tasked with doing.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rates

Getting the right forklift may not be enough. You also need to be able to keep the forklift for the duration of the job, but not any longer than what you need it for to save yourself unnecessary cost.  With that in mind, we offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates. If you just need the forklift for a day, you will just pay for a day. This type of flexibility is just another reason we are one of the go to companies for forklift rentals in the Carolinas.

Quick Delivery for Rental Forklifts

When you secure one of our forklift rentals, you will not have to stand around and wait for it to arrive. We offer quick delivery to ensure that you can get started on your job right away. Let us know when you need it, and we will work to make sure it is there for you so you can get started. Then, we will pick it up when the job is complete. You do not have to worry about arranging delivery or pickup. We will handle it all so you can focus on getting your job done to your satisfaction.

Everything You Need Under One Roof

Carolina Industrial Truck offers a lot more than forklift rentals. We are a one stop forklift shop. We offer hard to find equipment, to ensure that you will have everything you need for the job site. From carton clamps to rug poles, and a whole lot of equipment in between, you will find everything you need at CIT. Once you pick out what you are looking for, we will deliver it with your forklift.

CIT makes it easy to take on any type of job, no matter how big or how small. You do not have to own your own equipment to make a killing in your industry. Contact CIT and we can set you up with everything you need to get the job done right, right on time.