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CIT represents 2 of the world's top manufacturers of forklifts: Hyundai & Komatsu.

Hyundai Forklift

CIT is among the best in the industry when it comes to forklift sales. We only carry the best new and used forklifts so you know you are purchasing or renting top of the line equipment when you shop with us. Visit us to see full lines of Hyundai Material Handling and Komatsu forklifts. Each line includes forklifts that are great for both big and small jobs. Be sure to tell our sales team what you need out of your forklift so they can help you find the perfect piece of equipment. Whether you want something ergonomic to cut down on injuries or something fuel efficient to lower your fuel prices, we have the lift truck you need.

We base our recommendations on the customer's needs.

Our responsability as a dealership is to make sure our customer's decision to purchase a forklift results in the right peice of equipment that provides the best return on investment in terms of productivity, reduced down-time, lowest maintenance cost and longest econimic life. CIT has the unique ability to do just that; like no other dealership in the country.

Our goal is to make the purchasing process simple for all businesses. We have over 28 years of experience in the industry and will put that knowledge to use for you. 

- John Cotham - CEO

We take pride in selling only the best.

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Forklifts for Sale in Columbia SC

It is vitally important that you do all the research you can before making a purchase of a new forklift in Columbia, SC. After all, if you choose a forklift that repeatedly breaks down, or does not perform the functions that you need it to, you will not be able to complete your task, and as we all know, if you cannot work, you simply cannot make any money. That is where Carolina Industrial Trucks comes into play. We sell the highest quality of forklifts available, and we are here to make sure your business is always on the right track. There are also several other benefits you will enjoy by shopping with CIT.

Choices, Choices, and More Choices

Business is about choices. You need to have many choices at your disposal so you can make the one that is right for your business. CIT offers a variety of options, making it easy for you to find the perfect forklift purchase for your company. We have a large line of Hyundai Material Handling, UniCarriers, and Komatsu lift trucks for sale at our West Columbia, SC facility. You can even find lift trucks that run on gasoline, propane, diesel, or electricity when you choose CIT.

While you have lots of choices for lift trucks, they all have one thing in common. They are all, top of the line brands, so you do not have to worry about experiencing downtime due to a malfunctioning piece of equipment when you go with Carolina Industrial Trucks. That means you can focus on completing your task instead of trying to make your forklift to run.

The Best in Service and Maintenance

At CIT, our motto has always been that customer service never stops. It is easy to just sell forklifts to customers and then forget about them the moment they leave our store, but that is not our way. For over 25 years we have offered superior service and maintenance plans for our lift trucks, and only use the highest quality factory and OEM parts. Our service plans cover routine maintenance, non-routine maintenance, fleet management, and breakdown service. We can help you at your place in West Columbia SC, out in the field or in our shop. Regardless of where we service your lift truck, we will return it back to you quickly and in working order.

100% Locally Owned

Sometimes it is difficult to make business deals with companies that are not local to your area. If a company is based across the country from you, they may not always have your best interest in mind, and often do not understand the plights that face businesses so far away. Our company is based in Charlotte and is 100% locally owned. Because we are a part of the community, we care about our customers. We go above and beyond to ensure that each of our customers makes the right forklift purchase. That kind of customer service and care is not found with every company, but it is a priority to ours.

From our skilled forklift sales team to our top of the line forklifts to choose from, there are lots of reasons to work with Carolina Industrial Trucks located in Columbia, SC. Call today to speak with one of our associates.