7 Things to Consider When Buying a Used Forklift in Greensboro

Are you looking for significant investment for your production or warehouse facility? Perhaps you want to improve safety, increase efficiency, and reduce the time to complete a task. If so, then purchasing a forklift may suit your needs.

But wait, have you thought about buying a used forklift  in Greensboro? Depending on your specific needs, a used forklift could be what you are looking for. It will offer you all the benefits and features of a new forklift, but at a much lower price.

Whether you want to move bundles of materials at a construction site, retrieve pallets in a warehouse, or unload crated cargo from containers, a used forklift can get the job done. However, a used forklift will also be a significant investment.

You want to purchase equipment in the right condition to enjoy high ROI for years.

To achieve this, you must be clear-headed and understand what to look for when purchasing a preowned forklift in Greensboro. While the task can be overwhelming, knowing what to look for can make it as easy as buying a new one.

Tips when Buying a Used Forklift in Greensboro

 Conduct a Visual Inspection

Before buying a used forklift, you need to inspect it with a critical eye. You will want to check if the forklift has any visible damage that could impede its operation. When conducting your inspection, you might want to pay attention to the front.

Carefully check for cracks, bends, and any sign of wear and tear to the carriage and load backrest. If there are any gaps, keep in mind they are troublesome, and you may have to replace the forks soon.

While most people forget to check on the heel of the fork blade, don't make a mistake. Check on its thickness and compare it to the upfront fork shank. If there is a difference in thickness, this may be a red light; the forks are not in proper working order.

Evaluate Gaps in Lift Chains

When inspecting the forks, always check for cracks and welding marks. Be keen as poor welding will affect the reliability of the mast. Also, don't forget to check on the lift chains.

Is there any corrosion or missing links in the middle of the mast? If there are, this may affect the operation of your forklift.

Lift chains are designed to raise and lower the mast as well as whatever is on the forks such as pallets and other materials. Forklifts are sometimes shipped in sections and assembled after delivery. During re-assembling, it's necessary to make sure the forklift will achieve the maximum height possible.

If there is an issue with the lift chain, consider replacing it now to avoid costly damages in the future.

Check on Mast Operation and Condition of the Tires

Before you purchase a used forklift, check on the mast. Ask the dealer to have the forks lifted to the second or third mast. In case any problem is encountered, then the chains may need to be adjusted or replaced.

Also, check for signs of tire chunking which resembles a bite taken out of the tire. You also need to determine if the tires are in good shape by checking on non-existent or low treading. These signs may indicate the need to buy new tires to guarantee the safety of the operator.

Consider the Life of the Battery

The number of hours on the forklift battery cannot always be tracked. However, ask about the number of shifts it has during operation and how many years it has operated. Normally, a forklift battery will last for about five years if it operates on a single-shift operation.

If the forklift uses lead-acid batteries, check for any acid corrosion on the exteriors.

Check on Engine Condition

During your inspection, operate the forklift briefly to check on engine condition. Open the engine compartment and check for cracks or leaks on the hoses. When the engine is running, look and smell for any leaks in the exhaust.

Pull out the dipstick to confirm the engine oil levels. Every belt needs to be tight and properly lubricated. Don't forget to check on transmission and brake fluid.

Also, ignoring leaks in the transmission, mast cylinder, and radiators could be costly.

Consider the Forklift Age

Age is one of the big considerations when you are planning to buy a used forklift in Greensboro. Is the forklift you are considering buying in compliance with current safety regulations? Quality and safety standards for material handling equipment change with time.

It's crucial to confirm the used forklift will meet all OSHA standards.

These safety guidelines guarantee the operator's safety and the functionality of the equipment. Also, age will sometimes determine the level of wear and tear of the used forklift.

While an older forklift may be cheaper, remember you will likely spend money on repairs and maintenance.

Consider Intended Purpose of the Used Forklift

Why are you buying the used forklift? While all forklifts may look similar to the untrained eye, there are huge different types of forklifts. Every type of forklift is designed with a particular purpose in mind, and you want to choose the right one for you.

Consider whether the forklift will be working both indoors and outdoors, on smooth terrain, or carrying large or small loads. All these factors will dictate the type of forklift suitable for your application.

Consider the Above Tips When Purchasing a Used Forklift in Greensboro

One of the best ways to increase productivity in your operations without breaking the bank is by purchasing a used forklift. However, know what to check for when exploring your options to choose the perfect used forklift for sale.

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